Genetic Engineering

Soil and Food, Post Election

November 13, 20120 Comments

On this day, November seventh, 2012, we know who our president and political leaders will be in America for the next four years. We know that we will have the same cast of characters that we’ve had since the last election two years ago plus and minus a few faces and we know that Californians’ [...]

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As California Goes, So Goes the Nation: Prop 37

August 23, 20120 Comments

The Cornucopia Institute just came out with this Rockin’ Graphic: Corporate Charlatans vs Organic Heros about Prop 37. Turns out some of the biggest names in Organic are against GMO labeling. Why? Perhaps it’s because their parent companies which are giant multi nationals, are heavily invested in the continuation of the status quo- an industrialized, [...]

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Big Tobacco Shills Trying to Stop GMO Labeling in California

August 15, 20120 Comments

Written By Michele Simon, for Huffington Post, Posted: 08/14/2012 2:59 pm The food industry really hates it when you compare them to Big Tobacco. They try to deny the negative association by claiming that food is different from tobacco. Of course that’s true, but why are the same consultants who have worked for the tobacco [...]

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Big Ag Spends Big Bucks to Keep GMOs in Your Food Secret

August 9, 20120 Comments

—By Tom Philpott, Originally Published in Mother Jones,  Tue Aug. 7, 2012 3:00 AM PDT Remember that California ballot initiative, which will be voted on in November, that would require labeling of all foods containing genetically modified ingredients? I first wrote about it here. Since GM corn, soy, sugar beets, and cotton (the oil part) are processed into [...]

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Congress’ Big Gift to Monsanto

July 19, 20120 Comments

Original Post by  By Tom Philpott, Mother Jones Magazine, | Mon Jul. 2, 2012 3:00 AM PDT If you want your crops to bear fruit, you have to feed the soil. Few industries understand that old farming truism better than ag-biotech—the few companies that dominate the market for genetically modified seeds and other novel farming technologies. And [...]

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Why we need GMO food labeling

July 19, 20120 Comments

Original Article by: Ronnie Cummins, Start Tribune, June 28, 2012 – 7:47 PM FINLAND, Minn. – Recent national surveys by the Mellman Group and MSNBC, as well as polls conducted over the last two decades, indicate that 90 percent of U.S. consumers want to know whether or not the foods they eat and feed to their families [...]

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California voters to decide on GMO labeling: Polls show overwhelming support for historic labeling initiative

June 19, 20120 Comments

          Original Post by Organic Consumers Association: June 12, 2012 — Last night, the California Secretary of State’s office announced that the Right to Know initiative to label genetically engineered foods will be on the state’s November ballot. The historic initiative would be the first law in the United States [...]

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A message from Monsanto’s Website

April 12, 20124 Comments

Find the Original Post from Monsanto here: What’s the Problem with Labeling GMO Foods? Since genetically-modified (GM/GMO) crops came onto the market, there’s been a lot of debate about whether foods containing ingredients from GM crops should be labeled. Some people believe it’s a right-to-know issue, and all products containing ingredients from GM crops should [...]

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Farmers Determined to Defend Right to Grow Food File Appeal in OSGATA vs. Monsanto

April 2, 20121 Comment

Posted by Dave on March 28, 2012 On Food Democracy Now Blog NEW YORK – March 28, 2012 – Today, in Federal District Court in Manhattan, family farmers filed their Notice of Appeal to Judge Naomi Buchwald’s February 24th ruling dismissing Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v. Monsanto.  The United States Court of Appeals for [...]

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Insects Find Crack In Biotech Corn’s Armor

December 6, 20110 Comments

by DAN CHARLES NPR December 5,2011 Hidden in the soil of Illinois and Iowa, a new generation of insect larvae appears to be munching happily on the roots of genetically engineered corn, according to scientists. It’s bad news for corn farmers, who paid extra money for this line of corn, counting on the power of [...]

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