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Soil and Food, Post Election

November 13, 20120 Comments

On this day, November seventh, 2012, we know who our president and political leaders will be in America for the next four years. We know that we will have the same cast of characters that we’ve had since the last election two years ago plus and minus a few faces and we know that Californians’ [...]

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As California Goes, So Goes the Nation: Prop 37

August 23, 20120 Comments

The Cornucopia Institute just came out with this Rockin’ Graphic: Corporate Charlatans vs Organic Heros about Prop 37. Turns out some of the biggest names in Organic are against GMO labeling. Why? Perhaps it’s because their parent companies which are giant multi nationals, are heavily invested in the continuation of the status quo- an industrialized, [...]

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Farmers and Seed Distributors Defend Right to Protect Themselves From Monsanto Patents

August 29, 20113 Comments

New York – August 11, 2011 The eighty-three family farmers, small and family owned seed businesses, and agricultural organizations challenging Monsanto’s patents on genetically modified seed filed papers in federal court today defending their right to seek legal protection from the threat of being sued by Monsanto for patent infringement should they ever become contaminated [...]

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Join a Millions Against Monsanto Event

August 4, 20110 Comments

Nationwide, October 16, 2011: World Food Day Rallies for the Right to Know About Genetically Engineered Foods In the United States, there are few causes that nine out of ten people support, but 90% of consumers agree that we deserve the right to know about genetically engineered foods. If almost everyone wants them, why aren’t [...]

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Whole Paycheck and Organic Food Deserts: The Challenge

August 4, 20111 Comment

By Ronnie Cummins Organic Consumers Association, Aug 4, 2011 After decades of grassroots public education, battles to safeguard standards, and hard work, organic food and farming has become the fastest growing sector of U.S. agriculture. Organics have surged in popularity to become a $30 billion dollar industry in the United States, representing approximately four percent [...]

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Conference Asks What the Future of Food Should Look Like

May 16, 20110 Comments

Article on the Future of Food conference

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May 10, 20111 Comment

On behalf of 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations, the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) filed suit today against Monsanto Company to challenge the chemical giant’s patents on genetically modified seed. The organic plaintiffs were forced to sue preemptively to protect themselves from being accused of patent infringement should they ever become contaminated by Monsanto’sgenetically modified seed, something Monsanto has done to others in the past.

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Millions Against Monsanto Anti-GMO Strategy Session

March 16, 20112 Comments

Join this strategy session to take action in response to new, unlabeled genetically modified organisms (GMOs) entering our food supply, increasing the use of dangerous farm chemicals, contaminating organics, and damaging human, animal, plant and soil health with novel diseases and allergens. We’ll hatch real-life, anti-GMO action ideas to take out of the Green Festival [...]

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Organic Seed Alliance Publishes State of Organic Seed

February 22, 20110 Comments

Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) released an extensive report last weekend at the Organicology conference in Portland, Oregon, that serves as the first comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities in building the organic seed sector. The report, titled State of Organic Seed: Advancing the Viability and Integrity of Organic Seed Systems, is an ongoing project [...]

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Tell President Obama not to cave to Monsanto!

February 9, 20111 Comment

Unbelievably, over the past 12 days the Obama administration has approved not one, but two of Monsanto’s Round Up Ready genetically modified (GMO) crops. On Thursday January 27th, the USDA made the decision, under the directive of the White House, to fully deregulate Roundup Ready alfalfa, followed by the partial deregulation of Roundup Ready sugar [...]

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