Soil Association interviews Deborah Koons Garcia about new project

August 30, 20120 Comments

The Soil Association interviews Deborah Koons Garcia about her new film – Symphony of the Soil – which premiered in London on 17 May 2012. If you’re interested in putting on your own public screening or would like to know more about the film, please visit:

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The Future of Food Trailer

June 21, 20120 Comments

The Future of Food has been a key tool in the American and international anti-GMO grassroots activist movements and played widely in the environmental and activist circuits since its release in 2004. The film is widely acknowledged for its role in educating voters and the subsequent success of passing Measure H in Mendocino County, California, [...]

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Video: Paul Hawken: The High Cost of Cheap Food

January 20, 20110 Comments

“Paul Hawken: The High Cost of Che…” from Excerpted from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s, Cooking For Solutions 2010 media conference, Paul Hawken eloquently explains how the price of food is divorced from its true costs, and what this really means for society at large. See the video.

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Video: The True Cost of Food – Organic versus chemicals and GMOs

January 20, 20110 Comments

THE TRUE COST OF FOOD video is part of the Sierra Club True Cost of Food campaign which  is spreading the word about hidden costs in mass-produced food and about alternatives that are kinder to the planet and better for us. See the video. Learn more about The True Cost of Food campaign.

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Videos from Carrot Mob: People powered change

January 6, 20110 Comments

In the January 5th post below, Eliot Coleman, the Maine farmer, educator and author of seminal books on organic farming, gave this parting advice:  ”Vote with your dollars.”  He firmly believes that the entire agricultural cycle begins with individuals deciding what they will and won’t eat.  ”You’re in charge.” Here’s an organization that is taking [...]

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Peak Oil and a Changing Climate: An Introduction (Video)

January 5, 20110 Comments

The scientific community has long agreed that our dependence on fossil fuels inflicts massive damage on the environment and our health, while warming the globe in the process. But beyond the damage these fuels cause to us now, what will happen when the world’s supply of oil runs out? Peak Oil is the point at [...]

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The Benefits and Value of Local Foods and Traditions

January 3, 20110 Comments

We live in a world of monoculture crops, slim farmer margins, and consumers suffering from obesity and other diet-related health problems. But reviving traditional food cultures based on diverse and locally available foods can help both the farmers, consumers, and the environment. Two co-operatives in the Begnas and Rupa lake watersheds in Kaski, Nepal are demonstrating [...]

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Video: Greenpeace: Climate Justice Movement Must Intensify Efforts Ahead of 2011 Climate Talks in South Africa

December 9, 20100 Comments

While the U.N. climate talks in Cancún are reaching a critical stage, many delegates have begun looking toward the 2011 U.N. climate summit scheduled to take place in Durban, South Africa. Democracy Now!’s Mike Burke speaks with one of the leading South African climate change activists, Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace International. See the video.

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Video: Belize: The Toledo Ecotourism Association

December 7, 20100 Comments

The Toledo Ecotourism Association (TEA) is a group of Mayan and Garifuna villages located in the rainforest and other endangered eco-systems in the southern part of Belize.  The mission of the TEA is to create jobs in the villages, keep tourism to a manageable level, and educate visitors about the beauty and value of the [...]

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Vital perspectives on Cancun Climate Talks

December 6, 20100 Comments

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now interviews Claudia Salerno,Venezuela’s lead climate change negotiator, comments on the media’s lack of coverage of the talks, interviews small farmers at the alternative Global Forum for LIfe and Environmental and Social Justice, and talks to Bolivia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Pablo Solon about the secret diplomatic cables released by [...]

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